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8 Top Rated Lakeland Air Fryers | A Review of the Lakeland Air Fryer

Embarking on a culinary exploration often necessitates a reliable partner in the kitchen, and when it comes to innovation and performance,  In this insightful review, we’ll drive you into the dynamic world of kitchen appliances, drawing inspiration from the experiences of home chefs such as Benjamin, Emily, and Christopher of using the Lakeland Air Fryer. From the groundbreaking Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer Dual Air Fryer to the versatile Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Multifunction Oven and the revolutionary Ninja Foodi Max SmartLid Multi-Cooker, each Lakeland Air Fryer promises a culinary journey marked by efficiency and ease.

Interestingly, the United Kingdom has witnessed a surge in the adoption of air fryers, transforming the traditional British kitchen. With a penchant for healthier cooking options, UK households are increasingly turning to air fryers to achieve that perfect balance between indulgence and nutrition. Air fryers have become the go-to solution for those seeking the crispy goodness of fried foods with a fraction of the oil, aligning perfectly with the evolving tastes of health-conscious consumers.

Within this landscape, Lakeland Air Fryers stand out as sought-after choices in the UK. The demand is not just a testament to their cutting-edge technology and multifunctional capabilities but also to their seamless integration into the culinary preferences of the discerning British home cook. Lakeland Air Fryers, with their commitment to efficiency and versatility, are meeting the demands of a dynamic lifestyle, making them an attractive option for those who appreciate the art of cooking without compromising on the modern need for convenience. 

Let’s Begin It with Lakeland Air Fryer!

Reviews of 8 Top-Rated Lakeland Air Fryers

Lakeland air fryer review

Instant Vortex Plus VersaZone Air Fryer 140-1151-01-UK

Lakeland Air Fryer

Meet Emily, a culinary enthusiast who recently upgraded her kitchen game with the Lakeland Air Fryer’s Instant Vortex Plus VersaZone Air Fryer. This nifty appliance has truly revolutionized her cooking experience, and here’s why.

Emily is thrilled with the 8.5-litre cooking basket, a real game-changer for her. The optional divider takes the versatility up a notch, allowing her to whip up two different dishes simultaneously in separate 4.2-litre baskets. Family meals in her household have taken on a new level of convenience and variety.

One standout feature that caught Emily’s attention is the rapid heating capabilities of the Instant Vortex Plus VersaZone Air Fryer. In just a few minutes, it reaches the desired cooking temperature, making it not only convenient but energy-efficient as well—a real plus for those busy evenings.

With EvenCrisp Technology, this air fryer ensures that Emily’s dishes achieve that perfect fried flavor with a delightful crispy crunch. Healthier versions of their favorite fried foods, including delicious chips, are now a regular part of her menu without compromising on taste.

What truly sets this air fryer apart are its eight different cooking programs, offering Emily the flexibility to air fry, bake, roast, grill, reheat, and even dehydrate food with ease. But the real magic happens with the two sync functions. The SyncCook function mirrors the settings in both baskets, making it a breeze to cook two separate dishes at the same temperature. Meanwhile, the SyncFinish function enables Emily to use two different programs, ensuring that both dishes finish cooking simultaneously. This precision in timing has elevated her cooking to a new level, consistently achieving perfectly cooked meals.

“Cleanup is a breeze too, thanks to the dishwasher-safe basket, divider, and cooking tray. I’m relieved to have such a high-performing appliance that is also easy to maintain, finally Thanks to Lakeland Air Fryers”

Instant Vortex Plus Dual Drawer Air Fryer with ClearCook

Introducing Alexander, an avid home cook who bid farewell to kitchen clutter and embraced culinary convenience with the Lakeland Air Fryer’s Instant Vortex Plus Dual Drawer Air Fryer with ClearCook. If your kitchen cabinets are overwhelmed with a jumble of pans and gadgets, this air fryer is the solution to simplify your cooking experience.

Featuring two separate 3.8-liter baskets, each equipped with its own heating element, this appliance takes multitasking to a whole new level. What sets the Instant Vortex Plus Dual Drawer Air Fryer apart is its user-friendly design and impressive versatility. The easy-to-navigate touchscreen controls empower you to choose from eight different cooking functions.

Whether you’re craving guilt-free fried favorites, baking delicious treats, grilling cheesy delights, roasting a Sunday feast, dehydrating healthy snacks, or simply reheating leftovers, this air fryer has Alexander covered. The dual basket feature truly shines with SyncCook and SyncFinish modes, allowing for mirrored cooking settings or simultaneous finishing—a kitchen revolution, especially when catering to a hungry crowd.

Concerned about health?

Fear not! The EvenCrisp™ airflow technology ensures a crispy and tender result using a mere 5% of the oil typically required for deep-fat frying. It’s the healthier way to savor all your favorite fried delicacies.

The ClearCook windows provide a front-row seat to Alexander’s culinary masterpiece, allowing him to monitor progress without disrupting the cooking cycle. Illuminated interiors further enhance visibility, ensuring the food looks as good as it tastes.

Ease of use is a top priority for this air fryer. A straightforward dial control lets Alexander manually select cooking time and temperature, while the touchscreen display offers a selection of smart programs.

”A progress bar kept me informed about his food’s cooking status, and step-by-step instructions guided him through each stage.I owe you; the Lakeland Air Fryer! ”

Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer 7.6L AF300UK

Meet Oliver, an adventurous home cook who has delved into a world of culinary possibilities with the Lakeland Air Fryer’s Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer 7.6L AF300UK. Gone are the days of thinking air fryers are only good for serving up a side of chips; this innovative appliance opens up a realm of variety and flavor that has Oliver’s taste buds dancing.

With two drawers, each capable of cooking different types of food using distinct cooking modes, the Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer allows Oliver to unleash his culinary creativity. Imagine air-frying succulent chicken breasts in one basket while simultaneously roasting golden crispy potatoes in the other. Bake a cheesy tuna pasta melt on one side, and on the other, employ the Max Crisp setting to whip up some delectable mozzarella sticks for an appetizing prelude. The possibilities are as vast as Oliver’s imagination.

The Sync Finish function is a game-changer for Oliver, who understands that timing is everything in cooking. No more juggling multiple timers or worrying about cold chips while waiting for burgers. This clever function ensures that two different foods, with varying cooking times and temperatures, finish cooking simultaneously, ensuring a harmonious dining experience.

Cooking for himself? No problem. Oliver has the flexibility to use one drawer independently.

The Match function comes in handy when catering to a crowd. If there are extra mouths to feed, Oliver can double up and use both baskets to cook the same food with identical time and temperature settings, avoiding any disputes over who gets the better portion of fries.

The Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer offers six cooking modes, from guilt-free Air Fry for favorites like chicken wings and chunky chips, to Max Crisp for quick and crispy dinners, Roast for favorite meats and veggies, Bake for pasta bakes and sweet treats, Dehydrate for healthy snacks, and Reheat for reviving leftovers.

Navigating this culinary powerhouse is a breeze for Oliver with the easy-to-read digital control panel. The timer keeps him informed of the cooking progress, and with the large 3.8-litre drawers, Oliver can effortlessly prepare meals for the whole family.

Clean-up is a cinch as the non-stick baskets and crisper plates are dishwasher safe, ensuring that Oliver’s post-meal routine is as efficient as the cooking process.

In the box, of Lakeland Air Fryer Oliver finds the Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer AF300UK, accompanied by two 3.8-litre non-stick drawers and two non-stick crisper plates. Elevate your culinary game with this easy-to-use and easy-to-clean appliance that brings a new dimension to your kitchen – the Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer is a must-have for anyone seeking versatility, efficiency, and, of course, delicious results.

Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer AF400UK

Enter Thomas, a culinary enthusiast bidding farewell to mundane meals and welcoming the culinary revolution brought by the Lakeland Air Fryer’s Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer AF400UK. This appliance is not just for those obsessed with chips; it’s a multifunctional marvel that can elevate Thomas’s cooking game to new heights.

Let’s talk capacity – this air fryer doesn’t mess around. With drawers spacious enough to comfortably fit and cook a 2kg chicken in each, it’s a game-changer for those who like to go big with their meals.

And the best part? It accomplishes this feat using less energy and time than your conventional oven. Plus, it slashes your fat consumption by up to 75%. That’s a win for both your taste buds and your waistline.

The real star of the show is the dual-zone capability. Picture this: air-frying succulent chicken breasts in one basket while simultaneously roasting golden crispy potatoes in the other. Or take it up a notch by baking a cheesy tuna pasta melt on one side while using the Max Crisp setting in the other drawer to whip up some mozzarella sticks for snacking. The possibilities are as vast as Thomas’s culinary imagination.

Worried about different cooking times and temperatures?

Fear not, the Sync Finish function has got Thomas’s back. It ensures that two different foods, cooked using different modes, with varying cooking times and temperatures, finish at the same time. No more juggling multiple timers or wondering why the oven beeped again.

Is Lakeland Air Fryer Cooking for a Crowd?

The Match function allows Thomas to double up, using both baskets to cook the same food with identical time and temperature settings. No more arguments over who gets the better portion – everyone’s a winner.

With six cooking modes, including Air Fry, Max Crisp, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate, and Reheat, this Ninja Foodi air fryer is a versatile kitchen companion. Whether Thomas is craving guilt-free fried favorites or looking to dehydrate his own fruit snacks, it’s got him covered.

The user-friendly digital control panel makes selecting drawers and functions a breeze. The timer keeps Thomas in the loop about his meal’s progress, and with air fryers working their magic at lightning speed, dinner will be ready before he knows it. The 3.8-liter drawers ensure there’s enough to go around, and cleanup is a breeze with dishwasher-safe non-stick baskets and crisper plates.

In the box, from the Lakeland Air Fryer Thomas finds the Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer AF400UK, 2 x 4.75-litre non-stick drawers, 2 x non-stick crisper plates, and an instruction booklet and inspiration guide to kickstart his culinary adventures.

Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer Dual Air Fryer 10.4L AF500UK

Introducing Benjamin, a culinary enthusiast bidding farewell to culinary limitations with Lakeland Air Fryer’s Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer Dual Air Fryer. If you’re in search of an appliance that offers the flexibility to cook two different types of food simultaneously, look no further. This air fryer’s Dual Zone Technology and innovative SYNC function allow Benjamin to use different cooking functions and temperatures in two independent cooking zones, all while ensuring both dishes finish cooking together.

The standout feature is the option to remove the divider, transforming the appliance into a colossal 10.4-litre MegaZone cooking basket. Perfect for those family gatherings or when Benjamin is entertaining a crowd, this air fryer provides ample space for larger foods that would traditionally be reserved for the oven.

The versatility continues with seven pre-set programs, putting full control over Benjamin’s culinary creations at his fingertips. Whether craving the perfect crunch with the Max Crisp setting, aiming for guilt-free indulgence with Air Fry, or planning a family-sized roast with the Roast program, this air fryer has him covered. From reheating leftovers to gently dehydrating fruits and vegetables for healthy snacks, the Lakeland Air Fryer’s Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer Dual Air Fryer offers a comprehensive range of options.

The 5.2-liter cooking zones ensure Benjamin can cook up to 2kg of chicken or 1.5kg of fries in each, providing the perfect balance between efficiency and capacity. And when it’s time to clean up, the non-stick 10.4-litre FlexDrawer, divider, and two crisper plates are all dishwasher-friendly, making cleanup a breeze.

Ninja Foodi Max Pro Grill, Flat Plate and Air Fryer AG651UK

Meet Charlotte, a home chef who has found a culinary powerhouse in the Lakeland Air Fryer’s Ninja Foodi Max Pro Grill. It’s not just a grill; it’s a versatile 7-in-1 appliance that effortlessly transforms into an air fryer, hot plate, dehydrator, and roasting and baking machine. This sleek device has become the star of Charlotte’s kitchen, offering a complete kitchen arsenal in one smart package.

What stands out for Alexander is the Ninja Foodi Max Pro Grill’s ability to replace the regular oven with ease, all while using less energy. This 7-in-1 grill has become Alexander’s go-to kitchen gadget for every meal, leaving the oven somewhat neglected – sorry, oven, it’s nothing personal.

The range of cooking functions is truly impressive. From air frying and baking to roasting, grilling, and searing on a flat plate, this Ninja grill offers a new way to cook every day. With enough room to whip up delicious meals, sides, and desserts for up to six people, it has become an essential tool in Charlotte’s kitchen.

The Smart Cook System takes the guesswork out of cooking, especially in the age-old debate on how well a steak should be done. The easy-to-read LCD display and Digital Cooking Probe make it a breeze to achieve the perfect level of doneness, whether you prefer your steak rare or well-done. The probe monitors the temperature throughout, ensuring a precise cook every time.

Alexander appreciates the convenience of flip-free cooking thanks to Cyclonic Air Technology of Lakeland Air Fryer, which cooks food evenly on all sides. No more worrying about delicate foods breaking apart when trying to flip them – the Ninja Foodi Max Pro Grill has it covered.

Cleanup is surprisingly easy. The dishwasher-safe, non-stick grill plates and splatter guard make washing up a breeze. Even the cooking probe is easy to clean – just wipe it with a damp cloth and store it in the magnetic compartment under the grill for safekeeping.

Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Multifunction Oven DT200UK

Introducing Sophie, a cooking enthusiast who has found a kitchen marvel in the Lakeland Air Fryer’s Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Multifunction Oven. If you’re looking to cut down your cooking time without compromising on flavor and variety, this might just be the appliance you’ve been searching for. Forget the agonizing wait for your oven to heat up; with a lightning-fast 90-second preheat time, this oven gets you from hungry to satisfied in record time.

The speed at which this multifunctional wonder reaches the desired heat is nothing short of impressive. In under two minutes, you’re ready to embark on a culinary adventure, producing family-sized meals in as little as thirty minutes. With 10 different cooking functions, this appliance eliminates the need for a multitude of gadgets, streamlining your kitchen and simplifying your cooking routine.

Outpacing conventional fan ovens by cooking your meals up to 40% faster, the Ninja Foodi Oven is a time-saving dynamo. Equipped with two cooking levels, it allows you to prepare main courses and sides simultaneously, sparing you the hassle of using multiple appliances for one meal. The even circulation of hot air ensures that both racks yield evenly cooked results, eliminating the need to rotate trays or flip your food – just set it and forget it until your delectable creations are ready to serve.

The 10 cooking functions cover a culinary spectrum, from Air Fry for fast, extra-crispy results with minimal oil to Roast, Whole Roast, Grill, Bake, Pizza, Dehydrate, Reheat, Toast, and Bagel. It’s a versatile powerhouse that can handle everything from traybake meals and roasted vegetables to perfectly grilled kebabs and bubbly cheese-topped nachos.

User-friendliness is an understatement when describing the Lakeland Air Fryer’s Ninja Foodi Oven. The touchscreen controls and digital display on the oven door handle make operation a breeze. No need to spend hours deciphering complicated instructions – simply pop your food inside, select your desired cooking function, time, and temperature, and let the oven work its magic. And when it comes time to clean up, the removable crumb tray slides out effortlessly, allowing you to quickly address any crumbs or spills.

In the box, from Lakeland Air Fryer you’ll find the Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Multifunction Oven along with an air fry basket, roasting tray, oven tray, and two wire racks. The comprehensive package ensures you have everything you need to unleash your culinary creativity.

Ninja® Foodi® ​Max SmartLid Multi-Cooker 7.5 Litre Capacity OL750UK

Introducing Christopher, a home chef bidding farewell to kitchen chaos and welcoming the Lakeland Air Fryer’s Ninja® Foodi® Max SmartLid Multi-Cooker into his culinary haven. This powerhouse of a gadget, with its 15-in-1 capabilities, has transformed Christopher’s kitchen routine and allowed him to take a step back while it does all the heavy lifting.

The Smart Cook System is the unsung hero here, ensuring that every dish is cooked to perfection by monitoring the temperature throughout the cooking process. It’s like having a culinary assistant that never takes a break. So, go ahead, sit back, and let this multi-cooker do all the hard work for you.

The 7.5-litre capacity is a generous offering, serving up enough food for a party of six. Whether Christopher is pressure cooking, air frying, grilling, baking, dehydrating, or slow cooking, this multi-cooker has got him covered. Switching between modes is a breeze with the SmartLid Slider – load it up, select your function, and let the magic happen.

The Combi-Steam Mode takes things to the next level, combining steam with convection cooking for lightning-fast meals. Picture a 3kg roast chicken with crispy skin and juicy meat in under an hour – it’s not a dream, it’s the Steam Roast function. The Steam Meals function with the 2-tier rack opens up a world of possibilities, from Moroccan lamb steaks to chicken cordon bleu.

Pressure Cook Mode is a time-saving marvel, providing the tenderness of slow cooking in a fraction of the time. And the automatic steam release takes away the intimidation factor, making pressure cooking a stress-free experience.

Air Fry Mode lets Christopher indulge in his favorite fried foods with a guilt-free twist. The 4.7-litre Cook & Crisp basket works its magic with little to no oil, delivering crispy delights from chunky chips to southern fried chicken goujons.

The integrated Smart Cook System takes the guesswork out of cooking. The Digital Cooking Probe ensures Christopher’s meats are cooked to perfection, and he can kick back knowing it’s monitoring the temperature precisely.

Cleanup is a breeze with dishwasher-safe components like the reversible 2-tier rack, non-stick cooking pot, and air fryer basket. For the cooker base and cooking probe, a simple wipe with a damp cloth does the trick.

In the box, Christopher finds everything he needs Lakeland Air Fryer’s  Ninja® Foodi® Max SmartLid Multi-Cooker, a 7.5-litre non-stick cooking pot, a 4.7-litre non-stick Cook & Crisp basket, a 2-tier reversible rack, and a Digital Cooking Probe.


In conclusion, our exploration into the Lakeland Air Fryer landscape reveals a tapestry of innovation and convenience, as witnessed through the eyes of home cooks like Benjamin, Emily, and Christopher. The Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer Dual Air Fryer, the Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Multifunction Oven, and the Ninja Foodi Max SmartLid Multi-Cooker have collectively proven themselves as not just kitchen appliances but as indispensable culinary companions, each bringing its own set of unique features to the table.

As we navigate the culinary preferences in the UK, it becomes evident that Lakeland Air Fryers are aligning seamlessly with the tendencies of discerning home chefs. The quest for efficiency, versatility, and ease of use resonates strongly within the Lakeland range, catering to the dynamic lifestyles of those who seek to balance their passion for cooking with the demands of modern living. With Lakeland Air Fryers, the UK kitchen landscape is witnessing a shift towards innovative solutions that promise not only to simplify daily cooking routines but also to redefine the very art of culinary creation. Whether it’s the need for lightning-fast preheating, smart cooking systems, or the versatility of multiple functions, Lakeland Air Fryers appear poised to cater to the evolving tastes of the UK’s culinary enthusiasts, making them an enticing choice in the ever-expanding realm of kitchen appliances.



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