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Explore Currys Microwave Arena for Your Perfect Solo Black Microwave! Top 10

In the ever-evolving world of kitchen appliances, where functionality meets style, one item stands as a shining example of both: the black microwave. These sleek and sophisticated marvels have taken the culinary world by storm, and here at Currys Microwave Arena, we’re about to show you why.

Join us on a journey where we explore the allure of the Currys microwave, and why the demand for the perfect black microwave is surging in the UK. From aesthetics to functionality, we’ve got it all covered, helping you find the microwave that’s not only a kitchen workhorse but also a statement piece. So, let’s embark on this culinary adventure together and discover the magic of the black microwave world right here at Currys.

Currys Microwaves the Perfect Solo Black Microwaves

1. PANASONIC NN-E28JBMBPQ Compact Solo Microwave - Black

currys microwave

Key Features


Compact Design: The PANASONIC NN-E28JBMBPQ is perfect for smaller kitchens, dorm rooms, or offices, thanks to its compact size.


800W Power: With 800 watts of cooking power, it can efficiently heat your meals in no time.


Auto Programs: This microwave offers auto cook programs for various foods, simplifying your cooking process.


Child Lock: For added safety, it comes with a child lock feature to prevent accidental use.

2. KENWOOD K25MB21 Solo Microwave - Black

black microwave

Key Features


Simple and Stylish: The KENWOOD K25MB21 boasts a minimalist design that enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen.

25-Liter Capacity: With a spacious 25-liter capacity, it accommodates larger dishes and plates.

900W Power: Its 900-watt power ensures quick and even cooking.

Digital Display: The digital display and touch controls make it easy to use and set precise cooking times.

3. ESSENTIALS CMB21 Compact Solo Microwave - Black

currys microwaves

Key Features


Compact and Affordable: The ESSENTIALS CMB21 is a budget-friendly option with a compact design.

700W Power: It offers 700 watts of power for efficient cooking.

Timer Function: The timer function allows you to set cooking times accurately.

Defrost Function: Easily defrost frozen foods with its dedicated function.

4. PANASONIC NN-ST46KBBPQ Solo Microwave - Black

black microwaves

Key Features


Large Turntable: The PANASONIC NN-ST46KBBPQ features a spacious turntable for even cooking.

Inverter Technology: Inverter technology, delivers consistent results while preserving food texture and flavor.

Genius Sensor: The built-in genius sensor adjusts cooking time and power level for perfect results.

Quick 30 Function: For when you’re in a hurry, the quick 30-second button comes in handy.

5. RUSSELL HOBBS RHM2076B Solo Microwave - Black

best currys microwave in the UK

Key Features


Generous Capacity: The RUSSELL HOBBS RHM2076B offers a 20-liter capacity, suitable for family meals.

800W Power: It delivers 800 watts of power for efficient cooking.

Auto Cook Menus: Choose from various auto-cook menus for hassle-free meal preparation.

Weight Defrost: The weight defrost function calculates defrosting time based on the food’s weight.

6. GRUNDIG Retro GMF2120BCL Compact Solo Microwave - Black

cheap black microwave

Key Features


Retro Charm: The GRUNDIG Retro GMF2120BCL combines modern functionality with a stylish retro design.

20-Liter Capacity: It offers a 20-liter capacity, suitable for smaller households.

700W Power: With 700 watts of power, it handles basic cooking tasks with ease.

LED Display: The LED display and control panel are user-friendly and intuitive.

7. RUSSELL HOBBS RHMM701B Compact Solo Microwave - Black

cheap currys microwave

Key Features


Compact and Practical: The RUSSELL HOBBS RHMM701B is designed for small kitchens or as a backup microwave.

700W Power: It provides 700 watts of power for everyday cooking needs.

Manual Timer: Set your desired cooking time with the user-friendly manual timer.

Auto Defrost: Effortlessly defrost frozen ingredients using the auto defrost function.

8. SHARP YC-MS01U-B Solo Microwave - Black

buy currys black microwave

Key Features


Space-Saving: The SHARP YC-MS01U-B is designed to fit in compact spaces without compromising on functionality.

800W Power: It boasts 800 watts of cooking power for efficient results.

Express Cook: The express cook function lets you quickly start cooking with a single button press.

Digital Control: The digital control panel is easy to operate and provides precise settings.

9. SAMSUNG MS23F301TFK/EU Solo Microwave - Black

buy black microwave now

Key Features


Samsung Quality: The SAMSUNG MS23F301TFK/EU comes from a trusted brand known for reliability.

23-Liter Capacity: It offers a 23-liter capacity, suitable for various cooking needs.

800W Power: With 800 watts of power, it ensures fast and efficient cooking.

Triple Distribution System: The triple distribution system ensures even cooking by distributing microwaves from three points.

10. BOSCH Series 4 BFL523MB0B Built-in Solo Microwave - Black

buy currys microwave in black

Key Features


Built-in Design: The BOSCH Series 4 BFL523MB0B is designed to be integrated into your kitchen cabinets for a seamless look.

20-Liter Capacity: It provides a 20-liter capacity for convenient cooking.

800W Power: It offers 800 watts of cooking power for efficient results.

AutoPilot 7: The AutoPilot 7 feature provides seven pre-set programs for easy cooking.

Which Brands Currys Sells for Your Ideal Black Microwave?

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect black microwave in the Currys Microwave Arena, you’ll come across a variety of trusted brands known for their quality and innovation in kitchen appliances. Let’s take a closer look at some of the prominent brands that Currys offers in the realm of Currys microwave ovens.


Panasonic is a household name when it comes to electronics, and their microwaves are no exception. The PANASONIC NN-E28JBMBPQ and PANASONIC NN-ST46KBBPQ microwaves offer top-notch features like inverter technology and genius sensors, ensuring precise cooking every time. Panasonic‘s commitment to innovation and reliability makes them a go-to choice for many.


Kenwood is synonymous with quality kitchen appliances, and their black microwaves, such as the KENWOOD K25MB21, are a testament to their expertise. Kenwood microwaves are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, making them a popular choice for those seeking a blend of style and substance.


Currys’ own brand, Essentials, offers budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. The ESSENTIALS CMB21, for instance, is an affordable choice for those looking for a basic black microwave. Essentials ensures that even those on a tight budget can enjoy the convenience of a reliable microwave.

Russell Hobbs:

Russell Hobbs is a well-respected name in the world of kitchen appliances. Their RUSSELL HOBBS RHM2076B and RUSSELL HOBBS RHMM701B microwaves, both available at Currys, cater to different needs. With features like auto-cook menus and child lock safety, Russell Hobbs microwaves are designed to make your life easier.


Grundig is known for its combination of modern functionality and retro design, as seen in the GRUNDIG Retro GMF2120BCL microwave. If you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen while enjoying the convenience of a microwave, Grundig has you covered.


Sharp’s black microwaves, like the SHARP YC-MS01U-B, are designed with space-saving in mind. Sharp microwaves are ideal for those with limited kitchen space, offering efficient cooking without compromising on quality.


Samsung, a globally recognized brand, offers the SAMSUNG MS23F301TFK/EU microwave, known for its reliability and quality. Samsung microwaves are equipped with advanced features like a triple distribution system, ensuring that your food is cooked evenly.


For those seeking built-in microwaves, the BOSCH Series 4 BFL523MB0B is a prime example of Bosch’s commitment to innovation and functionality. Bosch’s microwaves seamlessly integrate into your kitchen for a sleek and modern look.

Why Black Microwaves Are in High Demand in the UK?


Black microwaves have experienced a surge in popularity in the UK, becoming a staple in many households. But what is it about black microwaves that make them the top choice for UK consumers? Let’s delve into the reasons behind the high demand for black microwaves in the UK.

Sleek and Modern Aesthetics:

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of black microwaves is their sleek and modern appearance. In a country known for its appreciation of contemporary design and aesthetics, black appliances have found a special place in UK kitchens. Black microwaves seamlessly blend into various kitchen styles, from the minimalist and modern to the more traditional, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Versatility in Kitchen Decor:

The UK is known for its diverse architectural styles, and this is reflected in the variety of kitchen designs found across the country. Black microwaves have the unique ability to complement a wide range of kitchen decors. Whether your kitchen is fitted with stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinets, or colorful accents, a black microwave effortlessly fits in, making it a versatile choice for homeowners.

Minimalist Appeal:

The trend towards minimalism and clutter-free spaces has gained momentum in the UK. Black microwaves, with their clean lines and unobtrusive design, align perfectly with this minimalist aesthetic. They don’t overwhelm the kitchen with unnecessary details, contributing to the overall sense of simplicity and functionality.

Timeless Elegance:

While trends in kitchen design may come and go, black remains a timeless and classic color choice. Unlike appliances in trendy colors that can quickly become outdated, black microwaves have enduring appeal. This longevity factor makes them a sensible investment for homeowners who want their kitchen appliances to stand the test of time.

Camouflaging Stains and Smudges:

Black microwaves are also favored for their ability to hide stains and smudges. In a busy kitchen, spills and splatters are inevitable, and black surfaces are forgiving when it comes to minor messes. This practical feature helps to maintain the microwave’s polished appearance, even with daily use.

Complementary with Other Appliances:

Many households in the UK have a mix of kitchen appliances from different brands. Black microwaves often serve as a unifying element, seamlessly blending with appliances of various colors and finishes, creating a cohesive and well-coordinated kitchen aesthetic.

Consumer Choice and Availability:

The UK’s consumer electronics market is known for its variety and accessibility. Consumers in the UK have the freedom to choose from a wide range of microwave options, including black microwaves, from reputable retailers like Currys. The availability of options in different price ranges ensures that there’s a black microwave to suit every budget and kitchen requirement.

Personal Expression:

In the UK, homes are considered an extension of one’s personal style and expression. Homeowners take pride in decorating and outfitting their kitchens to reflect their tastes. Black microwaves offer a canvas for personalization, allowing homeowners to create a kitchen space that resonates with their individual style and preferences.


In the world of modern kitchens, where form meets function, the black microwave stands tall as a symbol of elegance and efficiency. Our journey through the Currys Microwave Arena has illuminated the reasons behind the surging demand for the perfect black microwave in the UK.


From the sleek and contemporary aesthetics that effortlessly blend with any kitchen decor to the practicality of camouflaging stains and smudges, black microwaves have become the darlings of British households. They offer not just a means to reheat or cook, but a touch of sophistication that elevates the kitchen experience.


Currys, with its wide range of black microwaves, has been at the forefront of this culinary revolution, offering options that cater to every need and budget. Whether you’re a minimalist seeking simplicity or a design enthusiast looking to make a statement, the Currys microwave selection has something special for you.


So, as you embark on your quest for the ideal black microwave, remember that it’s not just an appliance; it’s a reflection of your style, a symbol of your culinary aspirations. Explore the Currys Microwave Arena and discover the perfect black microwave that will not only make your kitchen tasks easier but also elevate the aesthetics of your beloved culinary space. Say goodbye to cold leftovers and hello to a world of warmth and convenience with your new Currys microwave, where functionality meets sheer elegance.



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