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8 Best-Selling Integrated Microwave Ovens in the UK

In the realm of modern kitchen appliances, integrated microwave ovens have emerged as a true game-changer. These innovative kitchen companions not only offer a seamless fusion of style and functionality but also redefine the way we approach everyday cooking and meal preparation. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or simply on the hunt for the perfect culinary assistant, our comprehensive guide will navigate you through the world of integrated microwaves, unveiling their top features and why they are an indispensable addition to your home. Join us on this culinary journey as we explore the marvels of integrated microwave ovens and discover how they can elevate your kitchen experience.

Integrated Microwave Ovens

1. Cookology IM20LSS Integrated Built In Microwave

integrated microwave oven

Key Features


Capacity: 20 litres

Power: 800 watts

Design: Stainless steel finish for a sleek look

Controls: User-friendly touch control panel

Cooking Modes: Multiple cooking options, including defrost, auto-cook, and grill

Child Lock: Ensures safety in households with children

Timer: Features a countdown timer for precise cooking

2. Russell Hobbs RHBM2001 20L Built In Digital Solo Microwave

microwaves in the UK

Key Features


Capacity: 20 litres

Power: 741+ watts

Design: Stainless steel construction for durability

Digital Display: Clear and easy-to-read digital display

Quick Start: One-touch quick start for instant cooking

Auto Cook Menus: Pre-programmed auto cook menus for convenience

Timer: Adjustable timer with a maximum of 95 minutes

3. Hisense HB25MOBX7GUK Integrated 25 Litre Microwave

black microwave

Key Features


Capacity: 25 litres

Power: 900 watts

Design: Sleek and modern stainless steel exterior

Touch Controls: Easy-to-use touch controls for precision

Grill Function: Includes a grill for added versatility

Child Lock: Ensures safety in households with children

Defrost Function: Convenient defrost function

4. Bosch Serie 4 BFL523MB0B Built In Microwave

Bosch integrated microwaves

Key Features


Capacity: 20 litres

Power: 800 watts

Design: Elegant black exterior for a modern look

Control Panel: User-friendly control panel with rotary dial

AutoPilot Function: Automatic cooking programs for hassle-free cooking

LED Display: Clear LED display for easy monitoring

Interior Light: Illuminates the interior for easy viewing

5. Cookology BIM25LWO Integrated 900W 60cm 25L Built-in Microwave

Key Features


Capacity: 25 litres

Power: 900 watts

Design: Designed to fit a 60cm-wide cabinet

Controls: Easy-to-use control panel with a digital display

Cooking Modes: Multiple cooking modes, including convection cooking

Timer: Precise timer with a maximum of 95 minutes

Defrost Function: Convenient defrost function

6. Cookology BM20LNB Built-in Integrated 20 Litre Microwave Oven

integrated microwave oven

Key Features


Capacity: 20 litres

Power: 800 watts

Design: Sleek black exterior

Controls: User-friendly control panel with mechanical dials

Quick Start: One-touch quick start for instant cooking

Timer: Adjustable timer for precise cooking

7. Cookology IM17LBK Built-in Microwave in Black

Key Features

Capacity: 17L

Power: 700 watts

Design: Black exterior with an integrated frame trim kit

Controls: Intuitive touch controls for ease of use

Timer: Adjustable timer for precision

Child Lock: Ensures safety in households with children

8. Cookology IMOG25LBK Integrated Built In Microwave Oven

Key Features


Capacity: 25L

Power: 900 watts

Design: Modern black exterior

Controls: User-friendly touch controls for precision

Cooking Modes: Multiple cooking options for versatility

Timer: Adjustable timer for precise cooking

Why Integrated Microwaves Are Best Choice for You

When it comes to outfitting your kitchen with essential appliances, the choice of a microwave oven is often high on the list. In recent years, integrated microwaves have gained significant popularity, and for good reason. 

Seamless Integration with Your Kitchen Decor

Integrated Microwave ovens, as the name suggests, are designed to seamlessly blend into your kitchen cabinetry or wall units. This integration not only enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen but also creates a cohesive and streamlined look. Unlike countertop microwaves, integrated microwaves don’t take up valuable counter space or disrupt the visual flow of your kitchen. They become a discreet yet functional part of your kitchen design, enhancing its overall appeal.

Maximizing Space Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of integrated microwaves is their space-saving design. By being built into your cabinetry or wall units, they optimize the use of available space. This is particularly advantageous for smaller kitchens or kitchenettes where every inch of space matters. You can reclaim precious countertop space for other kitchen activities, such as food preparation or storage, without sacrificing the convenience of having a microwave oven.

Diverse Design Options

Integrated microwaves come in a variety of designs and finishes, allowing you to select one that complements your kitchen’s style. Whether you prefer a stainless steel finish for a modern look, a sleek black exterior for a minimalist touch, or a custom panel to match your cabinetry, there’s a microwave to suit your design preferences. This versatility ensures that your kitchen remains both functional and visually appealing.

Enhanced Cooking Versatility

Integrated microwave ovens are not just about aesthetics; they also offer advanced cooking capabilities. Many models feature a range of cooking modes beyond basic reheating and defrosting. Some come with convection cooking and grilling functions, allowing you to prepare a wider variety of dishes. This versatility is especially valuable for those who enjoy experimenting with their culinary skills.

Safety and Child Lock Features

Safety is a paramount concern in any household, especially those with young children. The microwaves often come equipped with advanced safety features. For instance, many models include a child lock function to prevent accidental operation by little hands. This feature provides peace of mind to parents and guardians while ensuring that the microwave remains accessible to adults when needed.

Efficient Ventilation Systems

Effective ventilation is crucial when using microwave ovens, as they generate heat during operation. These microwaves typically have ventilation systems built in or require external ventilation, ensuring that excess heat is properly dissipated. This not only keeps your kitchen comfortable but also contributes to the longevity of the microwave by preventing overheating.

Customizable Trim Kits

To further enhance the integration of your microwave oven into your kitchen’s design, many integrated microwaves come with customizable trim kits. These kits allow you to tailor the appearance of the microwave to match your cabinetry precisely. This attention to detail can elevate the overall look of your kitchen and make it appear even more thoughtfully designed.

Basic Uses of Integrated Microwaves at Home


Integrated microwave ovens have become a kitchen staple, offering convenience and versatility in cooking and food preparation. These modern appliances have evolved far beyond their humble beginnings and can perform a wide range of cooking tasks. In this section, we’ll delve into the basic uses of integrated microwaves at home, shedding light on how these appliances can simplify your daily cooking routines.


Reheating Leftovers


One of the most common and fundamental uses of integrated microwaves is reheating leftovers. Whether it’s last night’s dinner, a slice of pizza, or a bowl of soup, integrated microwaves quickly and evenly reheat your food to piping-hot perfection. Their efficient heating capabilities make them a go-to choice for busy households looking to enjoy a hot meal without the hassle of firing up the stove or oven.


Defrosting Frozen Food


Integrated microwave ovens are excellent for defrosting frozen foods in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods. The microwave’s controlled heat gently thaws meat, poultry, vegetables, and other frozen items without the risk of bacterial growth that can occur during slower defrosting processes. This feature is a lifesaver when you’ve forgotten to take something out of the freezer for dinner.


Quick Cooking and Meal Preparation


Integrated microwaves are equipped with a range of cooking modes and power settings that enable quick and efficient meal preparation. You can use them to cook a variety of dishes, including microwaveable meals, steamed vegetables, and even certain types of baked goods. Many models offer pre-programmed settings for specific dishes, making it easier than ever to whip up a meal in minutes.


Steaming and Cooking Vegetables


For health-conscious individuals, integrated microwave ovens are a valuable tool for steaming vegetables. Simply place your veggies in a microwave-safe container with a lid, add a bit of water, and let the microwave’s steam function do the work. This method retains the nutrients and flavors of your vegetables, ensuring that they’re both delicious and good for you.


Making Popcorn


Movie night at home wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Many integrated microwaves feature a popcorn button that optimizes the cooking time and power level for perfect popcorn every time. This snack is just a push of a button away.


Baking and Roasting


Some advanced integrated microwave models offer baking and roasting functions, which can be used for preparing dishes like casseroles, roasted chicken, or even baked desserts. The combination of microwave and convection cooking allows for crispy and evenly cooked dishes.


Softening Butter and Chocolate


For bakers, integrated microwaves are indispensable when it comes to softening butter or melting chocolate. These tasks are made quick and mess-free, ensuring that your baked goods turn out perfectly every time.


Sterilizing Kitchen Items


Microwaves can also be used for sterilizing kitchen items like sponges, cutting boards, and baby bottles. The high heat generated by the microwave effectively kills bacteria, making your kitchen tools safe for use.


Warming Plates and Serveware


Integrated microwaves can quickly warm plates and serving dishes before you put hot food on them, ensuring that your meals stay warm longer when served.


In conclusion, the versatile and stylish integrated microwave and integrated microwave oven are not merely kitchen appliances; they are your trusted culinary allies. Their ability to seamlessly blend into your kitchen decor, optimize space, and offer a plethora of cooking options make them a standout choice for modern homeowners. From reheating leftovers to gourmet meal preparation, these appliances have revolutionized the way we cook and save time in the kitchen. Elevate your culinary adventures and make your kitchen a hub of convenience and efficiency with the integration of these remarkable microwave ovens. Upgrade your kitchen, and unlock the true potential of integrated microwaves today!



Integrated Microwaves


What is an integrated microwave oven?


An integrated microwave oven, also known as a built-in microwave, is a kitchen appliance designed to be installed within kitchen cabinets or wall units. It seamlessly integrates with the kitchen’s design, offering a cohesive and space-saving solution.


How is an integrated microwave different from a countertop microwave?


The primary difference is in the installation. Integrated microwaves are built into cabinetry or walls, whereas countertop microwaves are standalone appliances placed on kitchen countertops. Integrated microwaves offer a sleek, space-saving design.


Can I retrofit my existing kitchen with an integrated microwave?


Yes, it’s possible to retrofit your kitchen with an integrated microwave, but it may require modifications to your cabinetry and electrical wiring. Consult with a professional to assess the feasibility and ensure a seamless installation.


Are integrated microwaves available in different sizes?


Yes, integrated microwaves come in various sizes and capacities to suit different kitchen setups and cooking needs. You can find options ranging from compact models to larger units with convection cooking capabilities.


What are the advantages of using an integrated microwave?


Some advantages include space optimization, a sleek and modern look, versatile cooking options, and the ability to blend seamlessly with your kitchen decor. They also free up countertop space and may come with advanced features.


Can I use an integrated microwave for baking and roasting?


Some integrated microwave ovens offer baking and roasting functions, thanks to convection cooking. However, they may not replace traditional ovens entirely for certain baking tasks. Check the specifications of the model you’re interested in.


Are integrated microwaves easy to clean?


Integrated microwaves are designed to be easy to clean. Many feature stainless steel interiors, which are both durable and easy to wipe clean. Additionally, removable turntables and racks make cleaning the interior more convenient.


Do integrated microwaves come with ventilation systems?


Yes, integrated microwaves typically have built-in ventilation systems or require external ventilation to dissipate heat generated during cooking. Proper ventilation is essential for safety and appliance longevity.


Can I customize the appearance of my integrated microwave?


Many integrated microwaves come with customizable trim kits that allow you to match the microwave’s appearance to your cabinetry. This ensures a seamless and aesthetically pleasing integration into your kitchen.


Are integrated microwaves energy-efficient?


Integrated microwaves are generally energy-efficient because they cook food quickly, reducing cooking times compared to traditional ovens. However, energy efficiency can vary depending on the model, so it’s advisable to check the appliance’s energy rating.




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