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Are you a wordsmith with a passion for delving into diverse subjects and sharing your insights with the world? If you have a penchant for connecting with a broad and varied audience through your prose, we invite you to become a contributor to our ever-growing platform!

Born Elite is not just another general niche website; it’s a vibrant hub covering an extensive array of topics, ranging from health and lifestyle to technology, business, education, entertainment, and beyond. We’re on the lookout for talented and imaginative writers capable of crafting compelling and original articles that resonate with our eclectic audience.

Why Write for Us?

Embark on a journey to boost your exposure within a thriving and engaged readership.

Showcase your expertise and establish authority on your chosen subject matter.

Enjoy a dedicated bio section at the conclusion of your article, providing you with the opportunity to link to your website, blog, or social media profile.

Receive constructive feedback and support from our seasoned editorial team, empowering you to refine your writing skills and deepen your understanding of SEO best practices.

Guidelines for Crafting Your Masterpiece

Before submitting your article, please ensure adherence to the following guidelines:

Compose an article ranging between 700-1000 words, eloquently written in English.

Submit only original and unique content, ensuring it remains unpublished elsewhere and passes plagiarism checks.

Craft a well-researched and informative piece, delivering valuable insights and information to our avid readers.

Structure and format your article for optimal readability, utilizing headings, subheadings, bullet points, and well-defined paragraphs.

Include at least two pertinent and high-quality images, complete with proper attribution and source links. Optimize these images for the web, maintaining reasonable file sizes and resolutions.

Refrain from including promotional or affiliate links without obtaining prior approval from the Born Elite team.

Ensure your article contains no illegal, offensive, abusive, hateful, discriminatory, or harmful content towards any individual, group, or entity.

Topics We Strive to Avoid

While we welcome an array of subjects, certain topics are not within the scope of Born Elite. These include:

Betting, gambling, or sports betting

Alcohol, drugs, CBD, or vape products

Pornography, erotica, or adult content

Politics, religion, or controversial issues

Any content that violates the terms and conditions of our esteemed website

How to Grace Our Pages with Your Words

Eager to contribute? Follow these steps:

Compose an email addressed to info@bornelite.co.uk with the subject line “Article Submission.” Or visit our Contact Us page 

Await our prompt response. We commit to reviewing your submission within 2 days. Upon acceptance, we’ll provide details on the publication date. If, regrettably, we cannot proceed with your piece, expect constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

We eagerly await the privilege of showcasing your remarkable articles on Born Elite! Join us in creating an enriching content experience for our global audience.

Write For Us : A Comprehensive List of Topics for Guest Posting

Automotive & Vehicles:

Subcategories: This includes topics related to cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles. Subcategories might cover areas like automotive maintenance, vehicle reviews, industry trends, and technology in the automotive sector.

Baby & Parenting:

Subcategories:  Guest posts can cover pregnancy, baby care, parenting tips, child development, family lifestyle, and product reviews related to infants and parenting.

Fashion & Beauty:

Subcategories:  Topics may range from fashion trends, style guides, beauty tips, makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and reviews of beauty products. This niche explores the world of personal style and grooming.

Business & Industrial:

Subcategories: This niche covers a wide range of business-related topics, including entrepreneurship, marketing strategies, industrial trends, business technology, finance, and corporate management.

Garden & Outdoor:

Subcategories: Articles can focus on gardening tips, outdoor living, landscaping ideas, plant care, and DIY projects related to the garden and outdoor spaces.

Pets & Animals:

Subcategories: This encompasses pet care, animal behavior, pet health, tips for pet owners, and information about different animal species.

Law & Government:

Subcategories: This niche covers legal topics, government policies, law enforcement, legal advice, and discussions on political and social issues.

Travel & Leisure:

Subcategories: Travel-related guest posts can include destination guides, travel tips, leisure activities, adventure travel, and cultural experiences.


Subcategories: Articles may cover the latest in tech, gadget reviews, software development, industry trends, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies.

Jobs & Education:

Subcategories: This includes topics related to career advice, job hunting tips, educational resources, online learning, and professional development.

Health & Care:

Subcategories: Guest posts in this niche can explore topics like health and wellness, fitness routines, mental health, nutrition, and medical breakthroughs.

Home Decor:

Subcategories: Covering interior design, home improvement, DIY projects, decor trends, and tips for creating a stylish and functional home.

Internet & Telecom:

Subcategories: This includes topics related to internet technology, telecom industry updates, digital communication trends, and discussions on online services.


Subcategories: A broad category that can cover diverse topics such as personal development, relationships, self-improvement, and general lifestyle choices.

Real Estate:

Subcategories: Guest posts may focus on property buying/selling tips, real estate market trends, investment strategies, and discussions on housing.

Sports & Camping:

Subcategories: Covering sports news, athlete profiles, fitness tips, camping gear reviews, outdoor adventure stories, and recreational activities.

Science & Inventions:

Subcategories: Articles may explore scientific discoveries, inventions, breakthroughs, and discussions on various branches of science.

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This is your final call to be a part of our community and write for us! Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your expertise and gain exposure on our esteemed platform. By writing for us, you’ll enjoy a dedicated bio section at the end of your article, allowing you to link back to your website, blog, or social media profiles. Our editorial team is ready to provide valuable feedback and support to help you enhance your writing skills and SEO knowledge.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to write for us and become a contributor to Born Elite! Submit your article today and join us in creating an enriching content experience for our global audience. Write for us and let your voice resonate across the realms of health, lifestyle, technology, business, education, entertainment, and more. Write for us now and be a part of the Born Elite community!